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Travod collaborated with a US-based manufacturing company. The client’s wide-ranging product portfolio includes mission-critical welding, line boring, milling and split-frame machines for a variety of industries including oil and gas; mining and heavy construction; power generation; shipbuilding and repair; aerospace; and defence. To access and service overseas markets, the client was seeking a translation partner with the necessary breadth of expertise, functional capacity, project management, and graphic design skills to translate an extensive library of web content, manuals, and technical documentation into seven target languages.

Challenge no. 1

Getting print-ready manuals translated into seven languages by a single vendor

The project required the English source materials to be translated into top European and Asian languages. It was vital to the accuracy of the final translation that the entire project was handled by a single vendor, as splitting the work between multiple translation services would introduce too great a possibility for error. Travod’s extensive global network of translators allowed us to swiftly assemble a team of subject matter experts with native fluency in each of the target languages, ensuring a consistent and centrally managed service.

Challenge no. 2

Keeping the terminology consistent across manuals in different languages

With each of the seven languages being managed in-house, we were able to maintain the demanding standards of accuracy and terminology necessary for precise technical documentation of this nature. A dedicated project management team liaised between translators to ensure the output was identical in meaning across each of the languages required, and created and maintained a multilingual glossary to support this.

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Challenge no. 3

Localising the content with the help of in-country linguists

The client distributes its technical documentation to a diverse base of users, with varying levels of technical skill and background information about the products, therefore no prior knowledge can be assumed and meaning must be unambiguous. Even a minor error could lead to serious operational consequences that might have a direct negative impact on production. To guarantee the accuracy of each translation down to the last detail, we appointed in-country translators to each area of the project, to make certain that every aspect of the output was expressed in up-to-date and currently understood terminology.

Challenge no. 4

Recreating schemes and diagrams and including them in the production workflow

Much of the documentation supplied by the client included intricate diagrams, illustrations, and other annotated graphical material which would need to be translated as part of the project. This included resizing and reformatting various elements depending on the length of the text strings in the target language to maintain clear readability throughout.

Travod was able to manage this entire process in-house, assigning dedicated graphic designers to work alongside the translation team, and prioritising the workflow to ensure that the creation, annotation, and review of the graphical elements proceeded in a logical manner without delaying the overall project progress or impacting on quality.

Challenge no. 5

Prioritising translation order with thorough and detailed management planning

With such an extensive and complex set of material to be translated, it was extremely important for the client to work with a partner with the necessary expertise to streamline the process, guaranteeing quality while minimising unnecessary costs.

Travod deployed a multi-faceted approach combining centralised project management; automated translation tools to optimise workflow and allow human translators to focus on core content; computer-aided error checking, text analysis, and batched delivery. All translated materials went through additional rounds of quality assurance verifications performed by different linguists which guaranteed translation accuracy.

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The result

The client was extremely satisfied at the culmination of the project, having received print-ready and error-free user guides on time and budget throughout the process.

With delivery complete, the client was able to schedule publication and dissemination of the translated materials to clients in Europe and Latin America thus widening and improving their service provision. By year's end, the company’s sales had soared to 30% over the previous year, and they had increased their commercial presence in South America.

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