About the Client

CLIMAX is a USA-based leading global manufacturer of portable machining, welding and valve-testing equipment which brings the machine shop to the actual construction or work site. The company has 108 global locations with headquarters in the USA, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Germany and the UK. Many of the world's largest businesses rely on CLIMAX to solve the most complicated and challenging machining projects, and the company continues to excel in this field.

Climax Portable - A Case Study

The Requirement

Keeping CLIMAX Portable operational in the global market

As a manufacturer operating globally, CLIMAX Portable needs to supply localised technical documentation, manuals and instructions and comply with local legal regulations. This includes compliance with CE certification for products sold within the EU and EEA. With an upcoming market launch of new machinery lines, CLIMAX has been focused on accelerating the pace of its manual translation in multiple European languages, while meeting strict deadlines.

The CE marking directives and European national laws stipulate that user information (e.g. user manuals) should be translated into the official languages of the countries where they are to be sold.
The CE marking directives and European national laws stipulate that user information (e.g. user manuals) should be translated into the official languages of the countries where they are to be sold.
Climax Portable - A Case Study

The Challenge

The main challenges that CLIMAX faced were the growing demands for translation (including that arising from CE compliance), and the fact that their original technical manuals were created in FrameMaker, which is not a very common application. The use of variables and cross-reference text in the manuals had caused two particular issues in the past: the machine names and cross-reference phrases were not always translated, and some languages tended to have a large number of glitches.

The Solution

Working within strict delivery deadlines, with large translation capacity, and workflow gaps caused by the uncommon file format, Travod came up with a translation and localisation solution that optimised the process and introduced new localisation workflows in a carefully orchestrated manner. This solution addressed the pressing deadline with a smart approach, dedicated teams and responsive communication, without compromising translation accuracy or adherence to the source layout.

Climax Portable - A Case Study

A difficult file type under a tight deadline

Working to deadlines requires a carefully synchronised process involving dedicated teams who ensure a continuous flow of files, stringent processes, and ongoing communication. Implementing these strategies significantly reduced the overall project turnaround time and scaled up the operational capacity.

Together with DTP and localisation teams, we created a process for transforming the source files into a translatable format. Dedicated DTP experts worked around the clock adjusting the files to match the original source through formatting and design. Despite having complicated coding, section breaks and use of columns, the team managed to recreate, edit and format the files using expertise, synchronized planning and execution.

Once prepared, the source language content was ready to be taken over by Travod’s expert technical translators who ensured full alignment with CLIMAX’s quality requirements and industry terminology. A dedicated Project Management Team liaised between translators to ensure the translated output correctly matched the meaning across each of the languages.

“We needed to greatly accelerate the pace of our manual translations in order to meet compliance regulations, so we had to go with a ‘shortcut’. Unconventional as it was, it worked. The resulting file was complicated, but Travod was able to handle the new files and return the translations on the schedule we needed,” said Laura Beyers, Technical Documentation Manager at CLIMAX Portable.

Localization of Visual Elements

Much of the documentation supplied by CLIMAX included intricate diagrams, illustrations, and other annotated graphic material which needed to be translated as part of the project. This also involved resizing and reformatting various translated elements, depending on the length of the text strings in the target language, to maintain clear readability throughout. The team ensured that the creation, annotation, and review of the graphic elements proceeded without delaying the overall project or impacting quality.

Climax Portable - A Case Study

Managing Feedback

As CLIMAX operates in the industrial machinery & equipment sector and its machines are highly adapted for niche operations, adherence to industry terminology and regulations is imperative. With tight deadlines and little time to waste on back and forth actions, Travod put a greater emphasis on the flow of feedback between CLIMAX, linguists and the DTP engineering team, to ensure that all ambiguities about the correct use of terminology and correct layout display were smoothed out as quickly as possible. All feedback was carefully documented and incorporated into all future translations, ensuring continuity and alignment.

“Travod has exceptional response times, are always professional and ready to go the extra mile to make sure they meet our every translation need. When we needed a high volume of manuals translated into multiple languages within a month, they came through.”
Laura Beyers
Technical Documentation Manager at CLIMAX Portable
Climax Portable - A Case Study

The result

CLIMAX Portable launched new machinery lines to the European market on time and in full compliance with CE language directives

Thanks to careful translation process organisation and smart resource planning, Travod managed to reformat, translate and adapt product content, documentation and operation manuals to conform to CE regulation requirements, in time for CLIMAX to launch their new machinery lines on the EU/EEA market.

“Travod helped us to keep up with European language regulations and stay operational in the global market, particularly the EU,” said Laura Beyers.

CLIMAX Portable also appreciated Travod’s excellent communication, customer service, ability to work with FrameMaker, and transparent costs. With more engaging content created for a global market, such as the website, insightful articles and product collateral, CLIMAX is well placed for more global awareness, engagement, and new market expansion.

“The translated content makes it easier for our international audience to stay up to date with our latest industry developments, technology, and tips on how to get the most out of their CLIMAX equipment. We are always moving quickly and want to get content out there fast and Travod has been great in accommodating our quick lead times.”
Carrie Rasmussen
Marketing Communications Manager at CLIMAX Portable

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