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A solid MT framework to accommodate large capacity requirements

New technology

Machine translation is the ultimate translation technology tool for cost and time-saving, best used for technical, repetitive, and large-volume content. We deploy trained machine translation engines for specific subject matters, content types, and language combinations, and apply MT workflow best practices to achieve optimum results: accurate translation of large volumes of content in minimal time.

To ensure the final output sounds fluent and natural, all of our automatically translated content is revised and edited by native-speaking language professionals with relevant subject matter expertise. With knowledge of industry terminology and context, we ensure accurate syntax, correct application of terms, and natural language flow.

How We Implement Machine Translation

Select the right MT engine for your content

Machine translation overseen by experts

Human editing and review of content

Standardised quality assessment

Continuous feedback loop

Machine Learning

Machine learning

Travod deploys the best-performing MT engines for large and complex translation projects so that clients benefit from high production speeds, cost-saving plans, and exceptional accuracy. By employing MT experts to systematically curate our machine translation output, we ensure our AI system learns from regular human intervention. This way we can guarantee the highest standards of quality and precision for your specific combination of content and language.

With more text translated and curated in less time, the machine-learning powered AI makes your multilingual content unique, more accurate, and much more consistent. That allows us to optimise workflows, reduce administration and translation overheads, and continuously improve the translation process.

Why choose Travod?

Subject matter expertise

Solid quality assurance processes

On-time delivery

Agile technologies

Scalable workflows

API-based integration

How best to apply machine translation and AI?