• ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 certified

  • Tailored project workflows

  • Internationalisation of digital touch-points

  • An integrated e-commerce ecosystem

Enhance your online customer experience to meet the global customer

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Online technology and customer expectations are evolving to keep up with new digital habits and the growing demand for online shopping. Our localisation expertise combines best practices of multilingual digital content management, machine translation solutions and experienced linguists specialised in product descriptions and retail.

Thanks to smart localisation management and tailored software development, we help you grow and scale your e-commerce activity by adding new languages, localising digital product catalogues, aligning digital touchpoints, adapting your messages and brand voice to new markets, winning them fast and cost-wise. With a combination of off-the-shelf online connectors and customised integrations, we facilitate your localisation by automated processes, saving time, optimising maintenance and updates.

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Targeted e-commerce localisation

The e-commerce experts that align your global digital touchpoints to your unique brand message, in any language.

Product Information

Marketing Collateral


Multimedia Assets

Social Media Content

Software Applications

Digital Compliance

Educational Materials

Build a localisation strategy that matches your global reach

  • Efficiently organise translation management

  • Consolidate operation costs

  • Take control over assets and deliverables

  • Stay on track with time-to-market schedule

Why choose Travod?

Unique voice and style

Machine translation solutions

On-time delivery

Agile technologies

Smart project management

API-based integration

Would you like your online store localised?