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Travod brings you the tools and expertise you need to export your work to new audiences around the world, maintaining the sense and style of your text while translating it both culturally and linguistically.

Our specialised literary linguists have the experience and expertise to accurately convey intricacies of meaning, language locales, slang, national history, and cultural heritage to convey your message, meaning, and storytelling to a new readership.

Publishers rely on us for our end-to-end service, employing specialist designers to take the translated text and prepare it for print on delivery in any language or writing system.

Cover to cover translation for the greatest reads

Whatever your style of writing, we'll translate the text itself and all supporting materials, across a range of media.

Fiction and Non-fiction

Interactive Books



Booklets and Brochures



Legal Documentation

Bring your stories to life for a new global audience

  • Efficiently organise translation management

  • Consolidate costs for large scale projects

  • Full control over assets and deliverables

  • Time-to-market scheduling for launches

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