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Tailored translation of product, process and safety information for the manufacturing industry

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Manufacturing companies looking to address new markets must accurately communicate large volumes of technical content describing the complex functions, features, and operating instructions of their goods, while meeting global standards on safety and transparency.

At Travod we offer customised project workflows and extensive subject matter expertise to address these challenges, from building a database of relevant terminology to delivering ready-to-print multilingual materials. Our output across all media is aligned to comply with international requirements and the highest standards of quality.

Each project is led by dedicated project managers heading up a team of locally-based translators with specific knowledge of the industry verticals in which the client operates, to ensure precise and accurate translation.

Support for the full mix of content and documentation

Build a localisation plan that incorporates each aspect of your product communication strategy.

Technical Documentation

Blueprints and Drawings

Marketing Collateral

Production Software

Legal and Compliance


Multimedia Assets

Educational Materials

A localisation strategy that fits your operational ecosystem

  • Advanced software tools shorten delivery schedules

  • Stack project elements for economies of scale

  • High level view of progress and deliverables

  • Stay on track with time-to-market schedule

Why choose Travod?

Subject-matter expertise

Solid quality assurance processes

On-time delivery

Agile technologies

Smart project management

Dedicated customer space

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