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Layout Formatting | DTP

Layout Formatting

Content has to look good in order to create the right impact, but sometimes word counts, line spacing or text direction can change during the translation process, and throw off the page design. Travod's desktop publishing specialists solve tricky translation issues relating to formatting, such as text expansion, spacing or character limits. A misplaced word in a graphic, diagram, or table could completely alter the true meaning of the content: we make sure that doesn't happen.

By working with leading software applications and industry-standard publishing tools, our multilingual desktop publishing specialists adjust text and graphic content across more than 50 different formats, making them ready for online publishing or printing in each target language. Fast, accurate DTP integration is a key aspect of our integrated service.

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Design and Typesetting | DTP

Design and Typesetting

As your team carefully crafts new visuals for your next campaign, how do you ensure it'll match the original design once it has undergone localisation? As the process of localisation often involves extensive alterations, our expert design team creates and adapts translated and localised layouts that correspond to your original style, brand, and technical specifications. Your visual content will benefit from our skill in maintaining the fine balance between the layout aesthetic and structural considerations, resulting in polished, publishing-ready material specifically tailored to your audience.

All digital assets are carefully prepared for printing in any language and script. We'll help you craft your book, brochure, package or newsletter to create a smooth, fully localised experience.

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Content Extraction and Recreation

Dealing with technical, healthcare or administrative documentation can involve processing large amounts of files and documents in non-editable formats, which adds an extra layer of difficulty in translating and localising the content quickly and accurately. At Travod we employ the most up to date technology, such as optical character recognition tools, to recreate scanned, photographed and PDF files into editable formats that remain true to the original.

Our desktop publishing specialists work with a proven combination of methods and tools to extract typed text, handwriting, diagrams and tables into ready-to-translate text files.

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