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Translation Workflow Management

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At Travod, we take a bespoke approach to each client request, analysing the requirements and the purpose of the content. This allows us to determine the best way to build your workflow, optimise it and make sure the resulting multilingual content delivers genuine value.

CMS Connectors and Integrations

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Our connectors offer out-of-the-box integrations with most popular web applications: CMS, eCommerce platforms, knowledge bases, product and support documentation, asset management platforms, and marketing automation suites. With an in-house team of developers, we will adapt, build and implement custom APIs to integrate with your internal Business Management System, Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, Learning Management System, in-house software, or mobile applications.

Machine Translation

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We deploy trained machine translation engines for the selected subject matters, content types, as well as language combinations, and apply MT workflow best practices to achieve optimum results: an accurate translation of content in massive volumes in minimum time. By joining forces with Machine Learning and systematically curating machine output involving MT experts, we implement custom MT training to your dedicated content and language combination.

Dedicated Customer Portal

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Client portal is the single access point allows you to send files for translations securely, include reference documents, and receive translated files in the same location. This improves operational transparency and accountability and provides an automated way to keep everyone up to date regarding the project’s progress.

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