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Customise applications and interfaces for a global user base


User engagement and experience are crucial to the success of software and technology companies, and in a global market this means tailoring your content to the language, culture, and expectations of each of your target markets. Word-for-word translation is more likely to cause misunderstandings than solve them, which is why at Travod we deploy in-country translators with specific expertise in the tech field to get your message across accurately with no loss of meaning.

Our human translators are supported by cutting-edge software tools, allowing us to quickly assemble industry-specific databases of key terminologies, and automate quality assurance processes to deliver even the largest scale projects on time and within budget. This allows us to streamline the translation of time-critical content to meet your release or update deadlines.

Expert localisation to optimise your time-to-market schedule

Accurate translation which moves in step with your product development and release schedules.


Software Documentation

Software Applications


Marketing Collateral

Multimedia Assets

Legal Documentation

Financial Documentation

Streamline your localisation strategy for an enhanced user experience

  • Efficiently organise translation management

  • Reduce translation costs with automation

  • Full visibility of assets and deliverables

  • Reduce your overall time-to-market

Why choose Travod?

Subject matter expertise

Solid quality assurance processes

On-time delivery

Agile technologies

Smart project management

API-based integration

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