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Localisation de site Web

Website Translation and Localisation

To reach a global audience, companies must ensure their content resonates with their users in their native language, to avoid any potential barriers to acceptance. Releasing hundreds or thousands of products and services into a global marketplace means that the translation and localisation of website content becomes a continuous process of updates and releases.

Integrating with over 20 CMS and cloud storage platforms, we streamline website translation into one smooth, integrated process. With proven workflows that efficiently transfer and update localised content from our translation environment to your admin panel, we save time and resources to deliver the finished content smoothly, flawlessly, and in a shorter time span. Whether you are using a commercial CMS or a customised platform, our software and localisation engineers will develop the necessary integrations to ensure an effortless localisation process.

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Website software localisation

Software Localisation

With the software industry booming, and new solutions and applications to bolster the performance of enterprise operations being launched on a daily basis, software developers aim to achieve continuous delivery in order to reduce time-to-market. When releasing software products on a global scale, the localisation of UI, dialog boxes and strings is essential - localisation, tests, releases, and updates are all part of tailored workflows that ensure a software product meets user expectations.

Our engineers work together with our network of professional linguists to ensure your proprietary software is localised and adapted to a global userbase, and is linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate. With experience in tackling complex workflow and code, our team will orchestrate an integrated approach to maintain alignment in time-to-market scheduling, budget, product updates and specific terminology.

Seo content localisation

SEO Content Localisation

Building websites and applications for a global marketplace, companies often forget that search patterns differ from country to country. A smart content and metadata localisation strategy in the local language, together with knowledge of colloquialisms or cultural layers permeated with English words, can get your website to the top position in search rankings and boost traffic significantly.

To ensure your website content competes successfully in your target market, we adopt proven SEO content localisation techniques and involve experienced data researchers and professional linguists. We work with linguists that also have an SEO specialism, who perform keyword analysis, scoring and research for Google, Amazon, YouTube, and other search engine listings, ensuring that your product pages achieve greater online prominence. Your localised website metadata will improve your search performance and will ensure visibility to your international audience.

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