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Bespoke Translation Process

project planning

Each client's content varies in terms of audience, subject matter, intended use, and desired implementation speed. With so many factors to consider, content cannot be translated in a one-size-fits-all manner, as different requirements apply to each project. At Travod, we take a bespoke approach to each client request, analysing the requirements and purpose of the content. This allows us to determine the best way to build and optimise your workflow, and make sure the resulting multilingual content delivers genuine value.

We design our translation and localisation workflows to conform to ISO 17100:2015 and 19100:2015 standards, ensuring your content gets the attention it requires and that we tailor our delivery process to suit your specific methods of content management, and to fit into your project management ecosystem. The customised API-integration makes sure the workflow fits seamlessly with the tools and software you adopt at both team and organisational level.

A rigorous approach to project management

File pre-processing

Building terminology and style-guides

Translation, localisation and review

Quality assessment

Continuous feedback loop

Continuous Improvement

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Communication is key. So when teams start working on new projects, a fundamental principle of our process is to fully align expectations and work processes. Travod's operational excellence is founded on well-established communication between all participating parties, from clients and linguists, to project and quality managers. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the optimal outcome. Our customers benefit from our responsiveness to suggestions and requests, as well as their rigorous implementation.

We intelligently customise your workflows, build your terminology, integrate processes with your ecosystem, and implement your feedback, thereby ensuring continuous improvement and a flourishing collaboration.

Why choose Travod?

Subject-matter expertise

Solid quality assurance processes

On-time delivery

Agile technologies

Scalable workflows

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