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Manufacturing companies that are looking to address new markets must accurately communicate large volumes of technical content describing the complex functions, features, and operating instructions of their goods while meeting global standards on safety and transparency. At Travod we offer customised project workflows and extensive subject matter expertise to address these challenges, from building a database of relevant terminology to delivering ready-to-print multilingual materials.

Marketing & Media

Marketing media industry

Accurate translation of creative content requires more than a knowledge of language, it demands a deep understanding of cultural nuances. At Travod, we employ in-country linguists with sector-specific expertise to translate your content and collateral while also maintaining the underlying message. We'll ensure that your brand assets, campaign materials, or evergreen content have the same meaning and associations in the target language as they do in the original, with no room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

Software & IT

Software it industry

User engagement and experience are crucial to the success of software and technology companies, and in a global market, this means tailoring your content to the language, culture, and expectations of each of your target markets. Word-for-word translation is more likely to cause misunderstandings than solve them, which is why at Travod we deploy in-country translators with specific expertise in the tech field to get your message across accurately with no loss of meaning.

E-commerce & Retail

Online shopping

Online technology and customer expectations are evolving to keep up with new digital habits and the growing demand for online shopping. Our localisation expertise combines best practices of multilingual digital content management, machine translation solutions and experienced linguists specialised in product descriptions and retail.

Education & E-learning

Education elearning industry

We help multinational organisations widen their learning and development strategy by combining language and multimedia expertise with software know-how, to customise, translate, and localise your online learning provision for learners in each of the markets in which you operate. Working with major LMS software and web platforms, we ensure a streamlined process and guarantee delivery within demanding turnaround schedules.


1 front 1

Law firms, legal service agencies, and global legal departments worldwide trust us with the translation of their legal documentation. To ensure that every document we output is a precise match for the meaning of the original, we employ translators with specific expertise in the law of the source and target countries, and up to date knowledge of the latest developments in legislation and regulation.

Finance & Banking

Finance banking industry

Financial and fintech companies operate with detailed, specific terminology that requires in-depth industry knowledge and is highly regulated. Translating and localising content for organisations in this sector requires an in-depth knowledge of the financial language, unique product, and service specifications, as well as compliance with international and local legislation.


Publishing industry

Travod brings you the tools and expertise you need to export your work to new audiences around the world, maintaining the sense and style of your text while translating it both culturally and linguistically. Our specialist literary linguists have the experience and expertise to accurately convey intricacies of meaning, language locales, slang, national history, and cultural heritage to transport your message, meaning, and storytelling to a new readership.

Healthcare & Wellness

wellness healthcare industry

The entire global healthcare sector depends on quality medical translation services to deliver vital multilingual content for a variety of purposes, from pharmaceutical packaging to complex clinical reports, to patents and manuals for diagnostic equipment. We develop tailored translation solutions for each medical and healthcare specialism, build and manage terminology guides, and deploy QA teams to keep all multilingual content true to its source.