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Media localisation

Dubbing and Voiceover

With the growing demand for video content, companies and organisations rely on video to communicate their message, their vision and their values, and lead the way to their global visibility and success. As a powerful and influential medium to reach new hearts and minds in a global audience, your corporate videos, customer support videos, video ads, TV shows and documentaries each find their way into the world with a new and captivating voice for each language.

Using a network of first class studios and trusted voice actors, we offer you high-quality voiceover services that allow you to engage with and relate to your international audience in a meaningful way. We will help you with casting and choosing actors who will match your original brand voice as closely as possible, delivering the emotion and style you wish to convey.


Subtitles and Captioning

Quality subtitles and captions help videos rank in searches and get more engagements and views in any language, on any platform. In media content consumption it's a proven fact that a subtitled video will always reach a wider audience, as well as supporting accessibility. Our fast and accurate service allows your story to resonate with all viewers, local and international, while staying true to the source material.

Our highly experienced professional translators and technical specialists are on hand 24/7 to provide accurate closed captioning services and subtitle translation services, with a fast turnaround in any language. We work with all major subtitle file types such as .srt, .sub, .vtt, and .sbv, as well as leading market video and file editing tools to match each sentence to the correct time codes in the source video.

Voice recording

Audio Transcription

Required for corporate communications, court litigations, health services, conference calls, customer service conversations, surveys and podcasts – speech-to-text transcription is the baseline component in making multimedia content go global.

Our team of project managers and professional linguists transcribe audio and video soundtracks within demanding turnaround times, making your content fit for international audiences and media platforms. Backed up by technology and translation experience, we deploy both native-speaking linguists and intelligent voice recognition technology to convert audio to text with the highest linguistic accuracy, as well as subsequent translation where needed.

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