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  • Custom healthcare terminology databases

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Prioritising consistency, accuracy, and compliance

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The entire global healthcare sector depends on quality medical translation services to deliver vital multilingual content for a variety of purposes, from pharmaceutical packaging and complex clinical reports, to patents and manuals for diagnostic equipment. High industry standards and international regulations demand the highest level of linguistic consistency, accurate terminology, compliance with national medical standards, and alignment of medical content for each language. We develop tailored translation solutions for each medical and healthcare specialism; build and manage terminology guides; and deploy QA teams to keep all multilingual content true to its source.

Each project is assigned to a team of linguists with specific expertise in translating medical terminology. Our quality assurance process combines cutting edge automated tools with experienced human translators, ensuring our output is an exact match for the original text with no loss of context or meaning.

Accurate translation across healthcare specialisms

We provide clear and precise translation which is compliant with international and local healthcare regulations.

Healthcare Documentation

Medical Regulatory Documentation

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Increasing the efficiency of your localisation strategy

  • Centrally manage multiple translations across media types

  • Reduce and consolidate translation overheads to reduce cost

  • Access completed translations via a secure online portal

  • Set and review progress and deadlines for time critical items

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