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CMS Integration

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CMS connectors enable you to connect our translation management system with your own CMS, ERP, or other business software. This enables greater automation of the translation process, saves time, and aligns everything in one uninterrupted flow. With experience of working with international organisations using a variety of software, often non-integrated, we know the challenges involved in keeping everything in sync with the latest approved version. That's why we ensure that, in dealing with enterprise content management, we have the right tools and integration capabilities to provide comprehensive support.

Our connectors offer out-of-the-box integrations with most popular web applications: CMS, e-commerce platforms, knowledge bases, product and support documentation, asset management platforms, and marketing automation suites. We connect to Adobe Experience Manager, Joomla, Drupal, HubSpot, Kentico, Magento, Sitecore, WordPress, Contentful, Typo3 and more.

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How does it work?

Secure CMS platform integration via API connectors

New content flows into the translation management system

Translation, localisation, and review

Translated content is propagated back into your CMS

Automated process adjustment and optimisation

API Integration

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As more organisations set themselves on the path of digital transformation, there is more specialised and customisable software on the market to address unique enterprise challenges. With an in-house team of developers, we will adapt, build and implement custom APIs to integrate with your internal Business Management System, Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, Learning Management System, in-house software, or mobile applications.

Thanks to the bespoke approach to workflow building, and streamlined communication between production teams and translators, you will experience the smooth integration of systems and an optimised translation process at each stage of the implementation.

Why choose Travod?

Subject-matter expertise

Solid quality assurance processes

On-time delivery

Agile technologies

Scalable workflows

Looking to translate and localise through API?