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Translation localisation

Professional Translation

People are more likely to engage with and purchase from your brand if you speak to them in the language they know and understand best. At Travod we deliver translations in over 100 languages, using our extensive linguistic experience and knowledge to create the perfect multilingual content experience for your international audience – one that’s natural, accurate, and culturally appropriate. Each of your translation requests is assigned within 20 minutes, and our 24/7, 365-day project management commitment means your content is turned around fast.

We've built a curated network of qualified native speakers with extensive subject-matter expertise in a wide range of industries. Our translation services span all content types, including marketing, websites, technical manuals, learning materials, software, multimedia, healthcare, legal, and financial. Every single translated project is checked and verified using our ISO-certified quality assurance process.


Language Localisation

Most large companies have ambitions of going global with their products and services. When it comes to increasing your global reach, casting your net in international waters is a no-brainer. What’s often forgotten is that when you take the plunge and go global, you also need to go local. A ‘spray and pray’ attitude, where you simply make all your existing material available around the world, simply won’t do the job. If you want to globalise, you have to “glocalise”.

Localisation is more than just language translation. The information must also be adjusted to make it relevant to the geographical region and context of your target audience, capturing the regional specifics of the language, its grammar, spelling, idiosyncrasies, turns of phrase, and humour. Our goal is to deliver an end result that looks and feels as if it was created by a native speaker of the target language, and connects with the target audience on every level.

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Transcreation and Adaptation

We’ve all seen examples of bad marketing translations. Mistranslated taglines and advertising slogans can cost a brand millions in terms of equity and lost revenue, and even more in loss of credibility. Mistakes happen, but most of them can be prevented, as long as attention is given to the intricacies of the language, and a human touch with knowledge of the cultural background is incorporated. To create an impact in local markets, branded content needs to be recreated from scratch, respecting the local context while not losing the core global message.

Transcreation is a key part of any global marketing and advertising strategy – with this, our transcreation professionals create, adapt and develop content that provides a natural experience for your target audience without losing your brand’s original tone or style.

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