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  • Asset and data security

A personal customer space

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Traduno Customer Portal is a central component of Travod’s Translation Management System to handle translation requests, receive and confirm estimates, communicate instructions, share feedback, approve and validate projects, and access invoices for delivered projects. This dedicated space is a perfect tool to streamline your enterprise translation process across departments, collaborators, and teams.

The single access point allows you to send files for translation securely, include reference documents and receive translated files, in the same location. This improves operational transparency and accountability and provides an automated way to keep everyone up to date regarding the project’s progress.

How does it work?

Upload a file for translation

Set instructions and requirements

Receive cost estimate and deadline

Approve the quote

Receive and approve translated files

An integrated approach

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Thanks to our automated workflow, you will be able to submit your order for evaluation, word count and repetitions, and receive an estimated budget and deadlines, as well as instantly communicate on projects without losing track of progress.

The benefits of the automated workflow include:

  • Improved clarity and transparency of the translation process
  • Improved alignment of deliverables across projects
  • Centralised and instant communication
  • Faster turn-around to meet tight deadlines
  • Time and cost saving for repetitive tasks
  • A secure environment to protect sensitive data

Why choose Travod?

Subject matter expertise

Solid quality assurance processes

On-time delivery

Agile technologies

Scalable workflows

API-based integration

How to collaborate on translation projects?