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Founded in 2010, Travod is a global provider of expert language services and agile technology solutions for businesses worldwide. Built on a strong belief that content should be accessible to everyone, transcending linguistic, cultural, and geographical boundaries, Travod came a long way to become one of the language industry's leading players.

Back then, it was an unknown startup with roots in Eastern Europe, whose founders realised through their own experiences how difficult it is to get commercial documentation translated into other languages. Locating the right specialist translators for your subject matter, explaining all the requirements, style preferences, formatting rules, and implementing feedback. That sounds a lot like project management!

And project management has stood at the heart of Travod's core development and growth. By gradually building strategic partnerships with top language service providers, we have worked on countless localisation projects. This has honed our localisation expertise and efficiency, helping us become true translation professionals, capable of translating any content and implementing even the most complex translation processes. We have become problem solvers.

A leading global language provider

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Over the years, Travod has grown to become one of the language industry's most prominent players, and since 2018 has been ranked as a language industry challenger and one of the world's top 100 LSPs. Travod has always been committed to the highest standards of quality in the translation industry and obtained its first ISO certificates (ISO 9001 and ISO 17100) in 2018 and subsequently got certified for ISO 18587 in 2023. In 2019 a major reorganisation was implemented, including a visual rebranding and a new corporate strategy, oriented towards customer centricity and sustainable growth.

Today, Travod is headquartered in Leeds, UK, and has a multinational team of over 150 employees and a network of 5,000 trusted linguists and language professionals, who collaborate across offices and time zones to provide bespoke translation services and technology solutions to each of our clients. With a strategic network of global sales and production hubs operating in a Follow-the-Sun model, we ensure fully uninterrupted 24/7 service. Our valuable experience now helps our international clients in Manufacturing, Automotive, E-commerce, Retail, Healthcare and E-learning with challenges such as ensuring high translation quality, meeting tight deadlines, budgeting for localisation costs, and managing complex translation workflows – future-proofing them for a global audience in over 100 languages. Travod is part of Mondia Technologies Ltd.

In 2021, Travod opened a new office in Wiesbaden, Germany.


Our mission is to help international companies to improve their global customer experience, and shorten their time-to-market cycle, through professional translation services and digital management solutions.


Our vision is to enable digital transformation within organisations and help them work smarter, and faster, and connect with their audience through a language they understand and content they relate to.

The values we live by

  • Unity

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  • Passion for commitment

  • Agility

  • Innovation

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Our clients appreciate us for our responsiveness, reliability and friendly customer service.

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The team that shapes our clients' aspirations into measurable achievements.

Steve Higgins Travod

Steve Higgins


Ana Boisteanu Travod

Ana Boisteanu

Chief Strategy Officer

Andrei Panciuc Travod

Andrei Panciuc

Head of Marketing, BI and Solutions

Inga Padurean Travod

Inga Padurean

Chief People Officer

Eugen Torica Travod

Eugen Torica

Director of Traduno Development

Nadia Codreanu Travod

Nadia Codreanu

Chief Financial Officer

Jane Freeman

Jane Freeman

Chief Revenue Officer

Samara Hickman

Samara Hickman

Chief Operations Officer


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