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81 Million Generation X’s and Their Consumer Behavior

Brands spend a lot of time worrying about Generation X. They worry about engaging them and retaining their loyalty. Generation X is the 34 – 45-year age group who now have more spending power than any other group.

Look at the figures:

  • There are 81 million people that make up Generation X
  • They have 31% more spending power than any other generation
  • 60% use a smartphone every day
  • Only 4 out of 10 stick to brands that they like

Get to know Gen X:

With stats like that, can you afford to underestimate this group’s influence? We don’t think so. In the translation industry, especially, it is important for us to understand how this generation think and how they speak so that our brand can best reach them and reel them in. Below are a few points we need to consider if we want Generation X to be loyal to our industry, business, and brand.

More astounding stats:

They respond to both traditional and digital advertising

Gen X have been around to see the rapid development of computers and the online world. They are tech-savvy, and they do head online to do their research prior to making a purchase or approaching a business. But, because the technology was relatively new when they were kids, they still use traditional advertising to make a purchasing decision. So, they still read magazines and newspapers, as well as going online to shop and bank. This is great, as it means we have plenty of opportunities to reach them. This means you need to speak their language and that, in turn, means it is important for brands to localize their content and marketing efforts and alter their style in order to effectively reach this target group.

Independence and diversity are important to them

Members of this generation value independence and diversity. They prefer to do business with companies who reflect their own diversity and who acknowledge each customer’s individuality. They don’t like companies that go for the “one size fits all” model or those that are stereotypical. Generation X grew up in a time when the immigration population was booming which means they are more receptive to cultural diversity. This means, as translators, we have even further opportunities to reach this group and truly resonate with their culture, linguistics, and personalities.

According to a study conducted by eMarketer, four out of 10 consumers will stick with the brands they like. While it’s hard work winning over Generation X customers, it can be done, and once you gain a Generation X’er as a customer, know that you will have a loyal customer for years to come. The trick is to offer top-quality customer service and exceptional, accurate, and professional work on their projects.

They want information – give it to them

Generation X do not spend their money on something until they have researched it online. They are weary of marketing lingo and don’t want to be soft targets. They want to know the benefits of your translation services. They want to know why they should use your agency. Make sure your offerings are highly visible and your benefits clearly laid out, and you are far more likely to win them over.

Generation X is a target audience you don’t want to miss out on and that means ensuring your material is localized and translated in a way that will resonate with this massive group.

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