Why is accurate translation important for international forums?

International forums, whether they serve as political soapboxes, or as forums of information, decision-making, and discussion, mean a conglomeration of influencers from around the globe sharing one space. It also means many people speaking different languages and having different cultural understandings, which is why accurate translation is critical for such forums.

There seems to be a major need for improved translation technology and, importantly, accurate translation on an international level. In fact, companies, and indeed influencers, can only expand across borders as fast as they have resources to support the countries they enter into and the languages spoken in those countries.

For many companies, regardless of their size, the time and expense involved in localization and translation can stop them from expanding, but it need not. With accurate translation, the world is their oyster.

But, why are we focusing on the topic of “accurate” translation? For the purpose of this article, let’s use the example of politics along with social media. Let’s think of social media as our international forum for this purpose.

Politics and Conveying the Right Message

Today’s controversies and dramas that seem to play out nearly daily provide many topics for conversation – but only if everyone involved can understand the conversation. Further, most conversations of a political nature can be found on social media platforms, highlighting just why accurate translation is critical.

Politics Affects All of Us

Let’s rewind to the run-up of the U.S elections for our example. A British citizen may decide that what happens across the pond has no effect on them, but this is not true. We live in an interconnected global village. Now, take the U.K.’s decision to undertake a Brexit – it’s actually having an impact on all the countries in the European Union.

So, when something significant happens in politics in a country, there is the potential for a fallout or blowback for the rest of the world. Further, making sure that global policies are understood by nations outside of the governing country is critical, and it is particularly crucial that the policies are accurately translated so that everyone knows exactly and clearly what is at stakes.

And Then, There’s Social Media

Depending on the platform, social media can be easy to mess up. Take Twitter, you have just 280 characters to succinctly and accurately translate a political policy. For an amateur translator, that is going to be an impossible task.

But, so many of us around the world consume social media, which means it is the platform you cannot afford to get wrong. For many, it’s the first point of call for news and political developments, making accuracy ultra-important.

Social Media, Politics, and Global Engagement

Social media, contrary to any other form of media, is interactive. Once something is put out there, people can discuss it, comment on it, and engage with one another. This means that is a meaningful discussion is to take place, everyone needs to be on the same page – they all need a clear idea of what is being discussed.

If the political message is conveyed incorrectly due to poor translation skills, the entire conversation gets off to a bad start. It is absolutely vital that political messages be clear so that discussions can, in turn, be succinct.

Don’t Negate the Importance of Accurate Translation

On an international level, particularly in terms of international forums, professional translation services are a must. And it’s not just for politics, but a myriad of other areas. Get it wrong, and you could damage your reputation and kill the conversation.

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