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Travod and BIOQuébec announce a new collaborative partnership to leverage language services within its network

Manchester, 08 February 2024: BIOQuébec, Quebec’s largest network of biotechnology and life sciences has partnered with Travod, a global provider of expert language services and agile technology solutions, to expand its reach and provide its members with healthcare-specialised translation services, that are compliant with international and local regulations.

BIOQuébec is a non-profit association, entirely funded by its members. It represents more than 152 companies and organisations in Quebec, involved in the life sciences industry, from discovery to the integration of innovations into the healthcare system. BIOQuébec relies on government representation, business development initiatives and partnerships to promote the growth of the Quebec life sciences industry and make Quebec one of the key and essential players in this industry on an international scale. BIOQuébec will leverage Travod’s translation services to provide its members access to 190+ languages, offered by 700+ dedicated healthcare and pharmaceutical expert linguists.

BIOQuébec and Travod bridged their forces together to help the network members meet a high volume of documents to translate. With shorter turn-around time and dedicated project management teams, having tailored workflows, based on members' bespoke processes, and optimised workload within Travod’s Client Portal, BIOQuébec network will be able to optimise the time to market for Canadian products on the international economic arena.

“Embarking on an exhilarating journey with BIOQuébec, we are thrilled to bring our language solutions to the heart of the biotechnology sector. In partnering with BIOQuébec, we witness not only a commitment to innovation but a profound dedication to each member's success. BioQuébec's passion for supporting and nurturing growth creates an environment where collaboration flourishes. Together, we forge a path towards our shared commitment to advancing the biotechnology landscape,” said Julie Theoret, Director of Business Development at Travod.

About Travod

Travod is a global provider of expert language services and agile technology solutions for businesses worldwide. Providing culturally localised content, Travod offers a full range of translation services in 190+ languages. Our international team of 130 in-house employees and over 5,000 specialist linguists work together to provide a bespoke service for more than 6,000 organisations and brands. Travod is fully ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 certified, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the highest standards of quality in the translation industry. Travod is part of Mondia Technologies Group. For further insights, please visit:

About BIOQuébec

BIOQuébec is a non-profit association, entirely funded by its members. It represents over 152 active organizations in Quebec working in the life sciences industry, particularly in the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology fields. Our members are involved in all stages of the health innovation chain and significantly contribute to improving the quality of life of citizens. Their activities include the discovery of drugs, vaccines, and diagnostic tools, as well as their development, manufacturing, and marketing. BIOQuébec is the voice of the industry, promotes networking and economic development, and acts as a link between the private sector and stakeholders.

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