About Franklin Sensors

Franklin Sensors Inc. is the #1 rated stud finder on the market. Their patented technology allows their sensors to see the centre and edges of studs simultaneously. Because of their strong competitive advantage Franklin Sensors has seen continued international growth. The rapid growth came with the linguistic challenges of supplying international markets with accurate technical and patent-related translations.

In 2015 the Idaho-based company was enjoying healthy customer demand in the United States (requesting both English and Spanish languages), French Canada, Australia, and Japan.

The company was experiencing an ongoing need for high-quality technical translations to update specialist instruction manuals and brochures, as well as carry out occasional legal, patent-related translation.

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Prior to working with Travod, Franklin Sensors was handling its translation needs on an ad-hoc basis, along with occasional InDesign formatting services to complement their in-house design provision.

This approach meant they were:

  • Briefing a variety of translation vendors, so risking inconsistency in their international communications
  • Wasting time in overly complex administrative processes each time they contracted a translation vendor
  • Juggling multiple deadlines with several providers which proved time-consuming to co-ordinate and monitor
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After talking to Travod about the benefits an ongoing translation partnership can offer companies operating in the Manufacturing industry, Franklin Sensors decided that to meet its challenging deadlines whilst ensuring coherence and quality, it needed to work with a reliable, high-quality, and affordable translation partner.

The collaboration has resulted in the frictionless delivery of international communications with technically accurate translations, more consistent communications and lighter administrative workloads for staff.

The collaboration has been in place for eight years and continues successfully to this day.

Collaborating with Franklin Sensors for eight years has been a journey of precision and efficiency. At Travod, we understand the importance and challenges of technical translation. We understood from the beginning that we need to focus all our efforts on creating accurate translations that will elevate Franklin Sensors.
Rita Grigorieva
Global Account Management Team Leader
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Technical translation expertise and timely handovers

Realising the importance of providing accurate, localised and up-to-date manuals to their customers in French Canada and Spanish speakers in the US, Franklin Sensors needed to collaborate with a resourceful translation partner with technical translation knowledge in the language combinations of English to French and to Latin American Spanish.

Given the nature of the work, the company also required the translations to be inserted into manual updates, so they periodically required InDesign capabilities alongside translation. On these occasions Travod was able to supply an integrated technical translation and InDesign service to simplify and expedite Franklin Sensor’s workflows. This resulted in invaluable cost and time efficiencies while enhancing the technical accuracy and consistency of the company’s translated materials.

Given the expertise our team has, the technical translations and formatting of the materials resulted in minimised time spending and costs. Here’s to not only meeting but exceeding the challenges and fostering international connections.
Rita Grigorieva
Global Account Management Team Leader

The ongoing collaboration with Travod has enabled Franklin Sensors to:

  • Meet tight publication deadlines through an ongoing translation collaboration with Travod
  • Provide customers in international markets with up-to-date accurate user manuals at an optimum cost
  • Update and translate brochures and manuals seamlessly, avoiding extensive retranslation
  • Work with an ongoing partner who understands their business and products​​
I needed our technical verbiage to be consistent across all our products and communication platforms. Having a long-standing relationship with Travod has resulted in consistent, accurate and timely translations. Additionally, the project management has been superb. A deadline has never been missed and 99% of the time it is earlier than quoted.
Karen Garcia
Director of Marketing & Sales
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About Travod

Travod is a global provider of expert language services and agile technology solutions for businesses worldwide. Providing culturally localised content, Travod offers a full range of translation services in 100+ languages. Our international team of over 5,000 specialist linguists work together to provide a bespoke service for more than 6,000 organisations and brands. Travod is fully ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the highest standards of quality in the translation industry. Travod is part of Mondia Technologies Group.

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